Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 10 - Ice Sculpting

What fun you can have with Ice on a hot summer day!

We took 3 freezable plastic icecubes and placed them with a plastic SCUBA diver and froze them in a bucket of water.

The next day after they had all frozen together, we gave our son a butter knife and he used it as an ice-pick to dislodge the ice
The SCUBA diver was a little harder to get out. But after trying to melt the ice in the sun, throwing it as a block on the concrete,(allowing the pieces to break off) and adding sand to wear it down, the SCUBA diver came out at last.

My kids worked on this activity for over an hour. The only advice I have to moms wanting to do this with their kids is to get some goggles to protect the eyes!!

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