Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 8 - Playdough!

There is no other activity that can keep kids entertained than playdough...well maybe fingerpainting. I bought this great playdough kit from Mellissa and Doug and K and R can both spend hours reshaping and molding the dough to their liking.

The great thing about play dough is that the possiblities are endless. You can choose a theme, like animals and both try to make as many animals that you can think of, or plants, or cars! You can also make different make-believe animals and mix the play dough *gasp ;P

Another way to play with the play dough is to use different utensils to see how each item interacts with the playdough. A spoon, a fork, or even a meat tenderizer are all great around the house items to explore.

And because you can never get enough play dough, here is an easy non-toxic recipe to make your own. You can also use different things such as scents, colours and textures to make it that much more fun!

Recipe for Play Dough.

* 1 cup of flour * 1/2 cup of salt
* 1 cup of water * 1 tsp. oil
* 2 tsp cream of tartar
* food colouring

Mix together all ingredients and cook for 3 mins over low heat.
Stir Well, and store in a plastic container once cooled.

Get Creative!

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